3 Quick Ways To Make Cash

In 2021, we all want the ideal of having numerous streams of income. No longer do we want to work long grueling hours for little pay. We are using our hobbies, crafts and skills to create small businesses that often grow from a side thing to a main source of income. After the pandemic, we all experienced the panic of being out of work and trying to figure out to survive. We no longer want to leave any room for error and want to ensure we have ample savings should we need it.

Here are 3 quick ways to make cash.

1 Sell your clothing / thrifted clothing.

When selling your own clothing, there are so many sites you can choose from. I personally prefer the app Curtsy, but I have also used Poshmark, ThredUp, Facebook Marketplace and eBay.

When selling thrifted clothing, it is so important to make sure that you are not buying clothes in bulk that the lower income communities near you could benefit from. Here is a great example of selling thrifted clothing ethically!

2 Apps for freelance jobs like Fiverr or Pangea.

In 2021, there are more ways to make quick cash remotely than just taking surveys. With apps li Fiverr and Pangea, you can find freelance jobs both short and long term which is very user friendly!

3 Credit or debit cards with rewards.

Discover has a cash back debit card, which is great for those of us that don’t necessarily want or need a credit card just yet. There are so many credit card rewards, you just need to find what is best for you!

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