5 minimalist design ideas

Designing your room or apartment can be a challenging task when on a budget. You might feel like you have to either go all the way or not bother at all. Untrue! There is a way to design minimally, on a budget!

1 Pictures or Magazine Cut Outs.

A true classic way to design a room at a low cost is to use printed pictures or magazine cut outs. You can make a collage or make it more elegant by aligning prints very spaced out and orderly. Not only is this a very inexpensive way to decorate, but it’s a great way to show off your personality and hobbies as well!

2 LED / Twinkle Lights

An obvious and very popular way of decorating lately has been using LED or Twinkle lights to spice up the vibe of a room. Mostly used in bedrooms, LED/Twinkle lights can change the vibe of the room at a pretty low cost and very minimal effort!

3 Layering Textures

Another classic way to spice up a room is with layering textures. This can be with blankets and pillows or books and coasters. This is a really simple yet effective way to elevate the ambiance of a room!

4 Candles! Candles are another simple yet effective way to decorate a room with a little that goes a long way! I like to think of candles as a win/win because not only do they make things look good, but they also make things smell good too!

5 Books

A favorite decoration piece of mine is books. You can buy books that have fancier covers on them to blend different textures or you can simply showcase some of your favorite reads. I personally have my books color coordinated on my bookshelf, which I find so calming and beautiful.

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