College Life v COVID

College is supposed to be the best four years of your life, or so they say. Parties, excitement, new experiences, adventure. We’ve all seen the movies involving American colleges and dreamt of those years since we were young.

To finally have made it to college and for a global pandemic to hit, is really unfortunate. No matter what year you were in in college, or school in general, your life completely changed and my guess is it wasn’t for the better.

So now comes the question of College Life v COVID and how to safely balance the two. I have seen way too many people, specifically college students and high school students, totally disregarding the current situation we are all in and act as though they could not care less. Seeing young people blatantly make decisions that can and have harmed others, like older family members, is heartbreaking.

So, now the question is, how do you balance both?

1 Get tested regularly

I try to get tested every couple of weeks. I am not seeing many people at all. I can count the people I interact with on one hand. When I see people outside of my bubble, I get tested more regularly. I recommend you do the same. By getting tested regularly, you can stay on top of the virus and hopefully prevent spreading to many, if any, people.

2 Don’t act like life is normal

Life is not normal. Therefore, we should not be acting like it is. Does it suck? Yes. It’s not fair to keep partying when there are people dying. There is a way to still have a social life and be safe about it. Find that happy medium.

3 Wear your mask / Wash your hands

These things are said constantly, but are you truly listening? Please, for all things good in the world, WEAR YOUR MASK AND WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

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