Let’s be real. Commuting is a pain in the butt. If you’re lucky enough to roll out of bed, leave your apartment building, cross the street and be at work, the rest of us hate you. One of the very few positives of this pandemic is that many of us are fortunate enough to work from home and no longer take that huge chunk of stressful time every day to commute.

So, what do we do with that newfound time?

I recommend taking that time to do the things you wish you had the time to do before. Go on a long walk with your family, try cooking a new recipe, read that stack of books you’ve been meaning to get to. Don’t let that time go to waste, use it!

What do we do when we have to go back to work and commute again?

Simply put, I think many of us can use some improvement on our time management. If and when we have to go back to in person work, I recommend implementing the following:

1.Preparing the night before. Personally, I’ve never understood why people would take the time to prepare lunch in the morning before work, especially when you wake up late and don’t leave yourself very much time to get ready. By preparing your bag, lunch, etc. the night before, you can sleep in a bit longer in the morning and not feel as panicked when you’re getting ready.

2.Better time management. Maybe don’t wake up 10 minutes before you absolutely need to leave the house. I guarantee you you’ll feel a lot less stressed overall. Additionally, maybe don’t schedule a 5:30 pm workout class if you know you always get out of work a few minutes late and barely make it to the class.

3.Implement changes slowly over time. No drastic changes, even if they are positive, are going to last because we are creatures of habit. By implementing positive changes gradually over time, you are much more likely to stick to them and better adapt to them.

I know firsthand just how frustrating commuting can be. There's always traffic or a train delay on the days you absolutely needed everything to work in your favor. Unfortunately, life isn't always going to work in our favor and we have to be prepared for that. By waking up a few minutes earlier and preparing for work the night before, you are setting yourself up for a much smoother start to the day.

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