Creating Positivity

Life can be cruel and sometimes it can be really hard to stay positive or see the positives. Especially this year, we’ve all been worn out beyond description. Many of us have lost jobs, family, friends, opportunities, etc. While it can feel like there is nothing to be positive about, creating positivity is extremely beneficial.

As some may say, fake it till you make it. However, this isn’t entirely about faking it or lying to yourself. This is about choosing to focus on the good over the bad, even if there may be less good in your life currently.

By choosing positivity over negativity you are effectively making the choice to create a better mindset for yourself. When you have a more positive mindset, it is that much easier to be positive all around.

A few ways to implement creating positivity in your life are:

Start a journal

  • Starting a journal can be a bit intimidating. I personally bought a journal with prompts because I had no idea how to start a journal. However, you can do this however you want! A recommendation is to write 3 positives every day!

Change your narrative

  • Instead of thinking about how bad the traffic is, turn on a favorite song and be grateful for the extra jam time! It can be really hard to change your mindset to positive, but it’s so worth it!

Spend more time doing the things you love

  • If you are feeling unfulfilled, spend more time doing what you love! Even spending 5 minutes doing a few breathing exercises or yoga can help you change your mood positively!

That all being said, you can’t force yourself to be positive when you’re just not in the mindset. Which is okay. Feel whatever you need to feel! Hopefully some of these ideas can help you get out of your funk when you’re ready to!

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