Free/Discounted Workout Classes, Because Paying For Pain Is Not Ideal

Personally, I hate just going to the gym and working out with my own routine. I always feel like I didn’t work out to my full potential and I have a really hard time coming up with sets, even if I’m following sets I’ve found online. Therefore, spending money on a gym membership just feels like a waste to me.

I much prefer workout classes, of any kind. I’ve taken spin, yoga, barre, pilates, full body HIIT, etc. Pretty much anything you can think of. I also much prefer finding deals for workout classes, because they can be very pricey.

Here are my top 3 tricks to finding free / discounted workout classes!

1. Groupon.

I would never think of Groupon for workout classes but the app really has a ton of options and great deals for workout classes!

2. Classpass

Classpass is a newer app where you pay for a certain amount of credits each month and use those credits to pay for workout classes. It can get a bit pricer, but it is still way cheaper than paying for individual classes at places like Barry’s Bootcamp and Flywheel Sports.

3. Check their website or app before going and look for deals!

Soulcycle has an intro pack that you can buy after your first class. It is 3 classes for $80. ClubPilates has a free intro class that you can take before deciding to sign up and F45 Fitness has a week long trial for just $25. Do the research, trust me, it’s worth it!

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