How To Build Your Credit Score

I suddenly realized at the beginning of this year that I was almost 21, almost graduating college and had no credit score. Scary, right?

I was able to get approved for a secured credit card with a very small credit limit and built my way up from there!

I now have a few credit cards, including an Apple card, Citi and Discover. Of all of the cards I have, my Discover card is my favorite! If you sign up using this link, you can get $50!

The Discover card I have is a student card with great rewards! I definitely recommend it, because they pretty much approve anyone that applies, and it’s a great stepping stone to build your credit!

That being said, to build your credit score you need to make sure you pay your bills on time.

I highly recommend starting with just one credit card to build up your score. This way you can make sure that you can handle having a credit limit and not fall into a pattern of overspending and falling into debt.

If you know you can’t trust yourself not to overspend with a credit card, another great way to build credit and not run that risk is to use it solely for your subscriptions. I started out using my credit card for my $5.99 a month spotify subscription and built my way up from there!

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