How To Manage Winter Cold

Here in New York, it is approaching the coldest time of the year. It can be unbearable at times, especially when you have an early shift at work and have to bear the world before the sun has come up.

Having lived in New York my whole life, and subsequently having dealt with the cold my entire life, here are a few tips to manage winter cold:

1.First and foremost, hand warmers. What’s great about handwarmers is that they don’t just need to be for your hands! Be careful with them as they can damage your skin if applied directly. I love taking a hand warmer and shoving it into my sweatshirt at work if I am particularly cold that day. If I am doing anything outdoors, like walking/ running / hiking, I definitely bring a hand warmer for both of my pockets just to make the activity that much more enjoyable.

2.Next, layers. It’s not cute to go around without a jacket in the winter. You look like a fool. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. I once went out over what was supposed to be spring break in a dress and it snowed. Yes, I was like 14. Dress for the weather. When going to work in the early morning in the winter, I wear leggings, uggs, a sweatshirt, fuzzy jacket and my winter coat. On occasion I’ll wear a hat. I work at a fitness studio so luckily comfy clothes are appropriate, but you can adjust your layers as needed.

3.Automatic car starter / seat warmers. Unfortunately, I do not have either, but my mom does. I often steal her car for my early morning shifts for just this reason. If you are looking for a new car now, or will eventually get one, keep these in mind. They are a life saver.

4. Good winter clothes. Invest in a good jacket and boots, you’ll need them! You might even want to get a few jackets and boots, because they get dirty rather quickly and this way you can rotate things.

5.Fuzzy socks. If there is one thing in life I couldn’t live without, it’s fuzzy socks. Even if the rest of my body is warm and content, my feet are always cold. Fuzzy socks make the winter that much more bearable, so get as many pairs as you please.

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