Indoor Activities!

With the winter and possibly another shutdown coming, many of us are running out of ideas for what to do to stay busy. Here are some suggestions!

1 Movie / TV Show Binge Marathon

I don’t know about you, but a binge marathon always makes me feel better. I know way too many people who haven’t yet watched classics like Harry Potter. Gather your friends and or family and have a well deserved movie/tv show marathon!

2 Cooking New Recipes or Old Time Family Favorites

Life indoors is boring enough. Experiment with new recipes or change things up with a family favorite that you haven’t had in a while! There’s nothing like a delicious meal to brighten the mood!

3 Online Shopping Supporting Small Businesses

A huge trend I’ve noticed online, especially on TikTok, is supporting small businesses. Do some research and support some small businesses. I guarantee you that the products will be that much more special because they were hand made!

4 Board Games / Group Video Games

Depending on who you’re living with, this can be a life or death situation. So proceed with caution. My brother is still mad at me for beating him in Mario Kart in 2009.

5 Do a DIY Project

The great thing about a lot of DIY projects is that you do not necessarily need to be artistic! Try something cool!

6 Get That To Do List Done

I’m sure you all have at least 5 things on your to do list that you’ve been avoiding or just haven’t gotten around to. Use this time to get them done! I promise it will feel good to not have these things looming over your head anymore.

7 Do a Home Project

Whether it be organizing your cupboards or renovating that bathroom, I’m sure there’s something you’ve been wanting to do to your home. So do it!

8 Pick up a new hobby

Try upcycling old clothes, making candles, crafting, cooking, etc. Anything to help pass time and make you feel more fulfilled!

9 Make a Bucket List

Something positive to do to give you a light at the end of the tunnel is to create a bucket list of everything you want to do when it is safe to go out and about again. For me, travel is definitely up there on that list.

10 Take Care of Yourself

Last, but most importantly, take care of yourself. Whatever that means for you, do it. This has been an incredibly challenging year and you are surviving it. That is incredible and you deserve some self care.

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