New Year's 2021

Instead of talking about a list of unrealistic expectations we like to call resolutions, I’m going to be a bit more blunt and realistic. This New Year’s, I think we are all waiting to take a breath of relief and that all of the problems from 2020 will magically disappear.

As lovely as that would be, it’s not realistic. A new year never has that much power for change and I think that going forward that’s something we all need to come to better terms with. Why wait for a new year? Why not start today or yesterday.

So, going forward I want you to take chances and make changes every day. Start now, because life is too short to think you can start fresh every year. Sure, we can all make changes in 2021 to make it a better year, but that doesn’t guarantee anything.

If anything, let’s all promise ourselves to be more open-minded, optimistic and caring to those around us. That doesn’t have to wait until 2021, but it can make 2021 better.

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