Off Campus Life vs. Dorming

You may be wondering to yourself why college students are spending so much money to live off campus. I wondered this myself going into college, especially when the dorms on the campuses I toured seemed to be really nice for the most part.

These are the top 3 reasons students choose off campus life:

1 Off campus houses, unless they are off campus apartments, do not have to follow the same rules as dorms. There are no quiet hours, restrictions on alcohol and parties, restrictions on guests in your rooms, etc. You are essentially paying for freedom.

That being said, when you have an off campus apartment, you are often then part of a neighboring community and need to respect that community.

2 Off campus housing does not require a meal plan and if you budget well, you will save money on food and probably eat better.

I don’t know who decided it was okay for college campuses to suck when it comes to food quality, but that’s just the reality of college unfortunately.

3 When you live off campus, you need to have more independence.

Off campus apartments may not have laundry facilities which means you’ll need to go to a laundromat. You’ll also need to go to the grocery store and cook most of your own meals. You will have your name on the lease of an apartment and be responsible for bills like utilities and wifi. If these sound like things you can handle then off campus life is for you!

Off campus life has its pros and cons and it is up to the individual what lifestyle is a better fit. I personally chose to commute to college because I didn’t want to spend another 20k on dorming when I live 15 minutes away from my college and I didn’t think that renting an apartment would be economical either. Everyone is different and that’s okay!

If you are interested in subletting, check out College Sublets website and work with us today!

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