Self Care

As college students, it’s not always easy to practice self care. We often overschedule ourselves and don’t feel we have the time to relax. Unfortunately, this is exactly the problem! Self care can be as simple as taking an hour to actually eat a meal or taking 3 minutes to use the bathroom, and no, not while you answer another email.

So, contrary to popular belief, self care doesn’t have to be an expensive spa day or very overpriced takeout meal. It doesn’t have to involve money at all. In fact, some forms of self care can involve saving money! Self care can be as simple as taking care of yourself, which for whatever reason we all struggle with.

Some simple, inexpensive and effective ways to practice self care are:

1 Get sleep.

I can’t even begin to list the number of friends I have that do not get enough sleep or have very sporadic sleep schedules. There are limitless studies showing the health benefits of getting a solid amount of sleep and having a relatively similar sleep schedule.

It’s not cute to go to bed at 4am every night just wasting time doing nothing. It’s also not cute to not treat yourself and your body well. You deserve sleep and you need sleep. So sleep!

2 Nourish Your Body.

I don’t know who decided it was socially acceptable for college students to essentially starve or live a diet on complete and utter junk food. I, for one, am not a fan of that and have been doing my best to nourish my body with proper nutrients and meals.

I am totally guilty of going an entire day just having had an iced coffee and maybe some water or a granola bar. That being said, I feel a huge difference between those days and days I feed my body the nutrients it needs. Nourish your body, trust me you will feel so much better.

3 HYDRATE!!!!!

What is it about college students and not drinking water? We all need to grab a glass of water right now and drink it! We need water and I guarantee you that if you suffer from headaches like I used to, water is the solution to your problem. Water has so many health benefits, don’t restrict your body from that!

4 Take Breaks!

If you are constantly going, going, going, unfortunately there is inevitably going to be a point where you crash. I’ve been there, many a time. The best way to avoid burnout is to schedule breaks into your calendar. This can be as small as an hour break during your day to relax and eat a meal or as big as an entire weekend where you don’t open your email and take time for you!

5 Do What Is Best For You

This obviously varies depending on the situation, but do what is best for you. This can mean cancelling plans to take some time for yourself or taking a super long and hot bath at the end of a long and stressful week. Listen to your mind and body and take it easy on yourself! Life is short, but it won’t make it any easier if you sprint. Take time for you, you deserve it!

Self care seems like the most simple and logical thing to take care of oneself and yet we all make sacrifices when it comes to self care and our wellbeing.

Do yourself the favor and start to take care of yourself, you deserve it!

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