The 2020 Holiday Season

2020 has been quite the year, to say the very least. Between COVID, the Presidential Election and everything else in between, we are all burnt out, to again say the very least. Many of us have been decorating and preparing for the holidays earlier than ever before to spread some much needed positivity.

That being said, the 2020 holidays are going to make it or break it for many small businesses. I encourage you to do research about the small businesses in your area and do your holiday shopping there to support the families behind those cozy little shops! I have been doing a lot of personalized item shopping on etsy and I have to say, it makes the gifts feel that much more special.

I know that when it comes to smaller shops, the prices can often be a bit higher. Please consider that that pricing reflects the time, resources and love that went into those items.

I just received hand painted champagne flutes and a mini bottle of champagne as a college graduation present and it truly touched my heart more so than a generic champagne flute would have.

In addition to gifts, I think that what our loved ones need more than ever this holiday season is love and appreciation. Tell your loved ones you love them and compliment them however you can. We all need to spread love and kindness this 2020 holiday season!

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