The Importance of Routine

I personally do not like routines very much. I prefer variety and different activities. I especially dislike eating the same meals routinely. However, human beings are creatures of habit and certain forms of routine are essential for our well - being.

For example, a routine sleeping pattern has proven to be very beneficial in many ways. Going to sleep and waking up around the same times every day are incredibly beneficial. Our bodies actually crave routine and by having a consistent sleep pattern, you are ensuring a thorough rest for your body and mind.

Another example of positive routine is eating your meals at similar times every day. By eating at similar times every day, you are strengthening your stomach and digestive system. This doesn’t mean you have to eat the same things every day, just that you should eat around the same times every day.

Having a schedule / routine can be very beneficial during stressful times. By having a schedule / routine, you are giving yourself control over your day and that can help get you through challenging times. A lack of structure can harm some people’s motivation. Especially right now when we may have little control over our lives, we can take control with the little things, ie: when we go to bed / wake up, when we eat, what we spend our time doing, etc.

If you are feeling unmotivated or lost, try implementing some small routines into your days. This may help give you the boost you need to take control of your life again!

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