The Pros and Cons of Subletting: How College Sublets Will Make Them All Pros!

Subletting can be hard to define. It’s not as concrete as renting and sometimes it can be a very sketchy Craigslist type of situation. Which we for sure want to avoid.

The main pro of subletting your apartment is that you can make some, if not all, money back for time you will not be at your apartment, but still own it. Once you’re tied into a lease it can be very tricky to get out of it, so if you’re not going to be at your apartment, most often an issue with college students, you should definitely try to sublet and save some money.

Another pro of subletting is that you can avoid having to end your lease early and the possibility of fines for doing so as well as have the freedom to travel or go home during college breaks.

The biggest con of subletting is not being sure if you can trust a complete stranger with your place. They could potentially steal or damage your property, refuse to pay you or any other worse case scenario nightmare situation.

Since subletting is an unofficial contract kind of thing, usually, there is no real guarantee that a subletter, especially someone you don’t know, will be reliable or trustworthy.

That’s where College Sublets comes in. We have created a platform for both subletters and subtletees to put their trust in us to find the right match and provide a sense of professionalism to the transaction. Check us out and avoid a nightmare!

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