To Budget or Not To Budget

The real question for many people is to budget or not to budget. Many of us are painfully aware of the cycle of constantly overworking only to have little to no money left over after paying off bills and such.

I am a firm believer in light budgeting. Meaning I am not going to account for every penny, which is a luxury that I am able to do so. I will allocate a rough budget for myself each month, which includes adding money from each paycheck to my savings.

There are so many different ways to budget. Some people use cash budgeting in individual envelopes. Others use different credit/debit cards for different things. It really is just about trial and error and finding what works best for you.

To me, the only thing that really matters is adding money to my savings account and not accumulating debt. To others, being strict with all purchases is important. It’s really about what matters to you! I like paying for the little things along the way to make my life easier and so I can enjoy different experiences. Others might better appreciate saving up for bigger things.

I will say, something that has alleviated a lot of financial struggle for me is working numerous jobs. By having a few part time jobs, you are ensuring that you will always have income from somewhere. This way, if you get cut hours at one place one week, you won’t be struggling to pay your bills that month because you have other income. Certainly it’s not ideal to be working so much, but you have to do what’s best for you!

So, to budget or not to budget? What works best for you?

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