What Even Is Subletting?

Subletting can be a weird concept to grasp. It is not a real renting situation in that there is usually no official contract or lease, which can create problems. Subletting (also referred to as subleasing) is defined as a tenant renting their room or entire apartment out to someone else for (usually) a short period of time. While the lease is still under the original tenant’s name, the sublessee is now responsible for paying rent and caring for the property.

Before subletting your apartment, there are 3 really important things you should know:

1.You are Ultimately Responsible for Paying Rent

Yes, this is terrible, but it’s your name on the contract / lease. Even if your sublet does not pay you the rent they owe you, you are still responsible for paying your landlord or property manager rent.

2. Subleasing Laws Vary by State

Your state may not allow subletting, so be sure to do your research!

3. Check with your Property Manager/ Landlord

Even if your state allows subletting, your landlord may have different rules for their properties that you probably agreed to when signing your lease. Check in with them!

Subletting can be scary, but having a business work with you throughout the process makes it way more professional and way less intimidating. If you are interested in subletting, check us out!

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