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College Sublets is a Fordham University startup company established to make the process of subletting a much more seamless experience. College Sublets aims to make subletting a much more professional experience for college students as well, considering it can be a bit scary of a procedure for some students. You may be wondering, who is behind college sublets?

Hi! My name is Kevin I am currently getting my masters in computer science from Fordham University and I joined the College Sublets team because I thought it was a great idea to help others find a place to live. I met Brian freshman year of college and we have been good friends ever since. I usually manage the website which entails putting up new listings and editing any cosmetic or functional features of the site. I am also overseeing our mobile app development. Outside of work I enjoy playing video games and I am currently learning how to play guitar!

Hey! I’m Brian, recently graduated from Fordham University in May 2020. I lived off-campus as an undergrad for 4 years in 4 different apartments; I interned and left campus during summer months and wanted to find a legal way to save rent money. After finding out that subletting was a legal method, I tried to find subtenants to take over my off-campus lease either through texting and talking face-to-face with mutual friends or posting on online Facebook groups. None of the available options were efficient. I founded College Sublets out of my dorm room to improve the subletting experience for college students. I organize our team’s financials, manage day-to-day adhoc operations, and play with the stock market to grow our budget. During quarantine, I went back to reading paperbacks and experimented red wine tasting.

Hi, I’m Cat! I started working with College Sublets in November 2020 working on social media and blog posts. I started working with College Sublets because I thought the concept was a brilliant idea and that there was a definite need in college communities for such a service. I was a commuting student in college myself, but I have a lot of friends that have struggled to find sublets over the years. My role in the team is to expand our network and number of colleges that we work with. Outside of college sublets, I am passionate about working out, reading and travelling to new places!

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