Winter 2020 / 2021

I don’t know about you, but winter is by far my least favorite season. I hate the cold and I often say if I could change anything about New York it would be the weather and then I would be complete. This winter is going to be a bit easier, I hope, because we’ll all be inside and warm a bit more than usual! That being said, we’re going to need more activities to keep ourselves sane this winter!

A few COVID friendly activities I recommend trying this winter are:

  • Puzzles

Pre-COVID it had probably been a good 5 years since I did a puzzle, so doing a few over quarantine was actually pretty fun! Completing a really big puzzle is really satisfying now. Am I getting old?

I’m sure you have a few puzzles lying around somewhere, so keep yourself entertained and try completing them! A bonus challenge / surprise is seeing if you have all of the pieces or if you’ve lost any over the years!

  • Board Games

Pre-COVID I hadn’t played board games in a really long time too. If your family will literally kill each other over a board game, maybe try some solo things like solitaire?

  • DIY Projects

DIY projects can be really fun and innovative if you stay open minded! There are YouTube videos on just about anything now, so get creative with it!

  • Home Projects

I’m sure there’s some sort of home project that you’ve been avoiding, so now is your time to accomplish it. Think about how good it’ll feel to finally have it done!

  • Experimenting with Cooking / Baking

I am an avid stress baker, as my friends and family can tell you. I absolutely love trying new recipes and experimenting with new foods!

  • Spending Time With Pets

Something that I am so grateful for with being working and doing school from home is having more time to snuggle and annoy my dog. Don’t take this extra time for granted! Give them all the love you can, our fluffy friends deserve it!

  • Scrapbooking

Ok, hear me out! Scrapbooking sounds super boring to a lot of people, but with this year being so monumental for so many reasons, both good and bad, I thought it would be a perfect project to scrapbook some of the things I went through to look back on. I got a bunch of pictures printed and have my 2020 outlined in a scrapbook to look back on and show my family what a crazy year it’s been!

  • Most Importantly, Work on You

Last, but certainly not least, you should definitely take some time this winter to take care of yourself and work on you. Whatever that may mean for you, do it! This is your sign!

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