You can do it: How To Stay Motivated During Challenging Times

Staying motivated during challenging times can be a nearly impossible task. In the world and society we live in, we are often taught that to be as successful as possible, we must be working 24/7 and abundantly busy. However, what we are not taught is how to keep ourselves motivated and find a healthy work/life balance. Therefore, this often leads to burnout and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Here are 3 tips to staying motivated during challenging times:

1 Work in spurts, not all the time - if possible. I personally have 2 remote internships and I schedule brainstorming sessions about once a week where I create social media posts, update my hashtags, write, schedule or brainstorm blogs, etc. By scheduling brainstorming sessions, I am not constantly creating content and can prevent feeling overwhelmed or creatively exhausted. If you are not able to work in this style, I recommend scheduling mini breaks as you can. Even if it’s 2-3 minutes to listen to a song, take a lap around your office and drink some water, your mental and physical health will benefit from this greatly!

2 Positive Affirmations can be a great help when it comes to self motivating. Instead of saying to yourself, ugh I slept in an extra 10 minutes today, say I gave myself 10 more minutes to better approach my day. Instead of being angry with yourself for ordering takeout, reassure yourself that you deserve the treat! Being positive can be challenging, but with practice it will come more easily!

3 Take care of yourself! While society might make you feel that you need to be overbooked and overwhelmed to be successful, that is so not the case. There is a happy medium between work and life that you can find to have the best of both worlds and not feel completely overwhelmed and tired of your routine. Even the little things, like getting in that extra water bottle or 5 minute break during your day can make all the difference for your overall well-being. Invest in yourself, you are worth it.

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